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Active Fixin'
Born On:
16:46, 5 January 2019 (CST)
Last Updated:
13:01, 06 January 2019 (CDT)


I got a 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle that hasn't run in 8 years for $700. I plan on doing a full restoration, however right now my focus is to get it driving so I can move it around without having to push it.

Things He Needs

  • New Carburetor (Should be here by next Monday)
  • New Hoses in the Engine
  • Probably New Spark Plugs
  • New tires (Old tires seem to hold air for now)
  • Patched Floor Pans
  • New Headlight
  • New Coat of Paint
  • Whole New Interior
    • New Seat Upholstery (Back seats are in good shape)
    • New Headliner
    • New Carpet
    • New/Repaired Steering Wheel
    • New/Repaired Dash
    • New Rear Seatbelts

Things He's Got

  • Fresh Engine Oil
  • Fresh Fuel Filter
  • New Ignition Switch
  • Fresh Transmission Fluid
  • New Battery

Week One (12/30/18 to 1/5/19)

I got the car and struggled with the carburetor and a vague electrical problem.

Big list of stuff

  • Bought the darn thing
  • Put air in the tires
  • Travis helped me tow it to the shop with the towbar he uses for his Miata
  • Pressure washed the outside of it to get the 8 year old schmutts off of it
  • Pulled the old carburetor out
    • Tore apart the old carburetor in hopes of rebuilding it
    • Bought a rebuild kit
    • Became disheartened while cleaning the nasty old carb
    • Noticed that a brand new carburetor is only 30$ more than the rebuild kit
    • Returned the rebuild kit and ordered a new carb off of Ebay for $60
  • I noticed it had a vague electrical problem that caused nothing to work at all
    • Bought a new battery
    • Made sure all the fuses were good
    • Used sandpaper to get any oxidation off of the fuse contacts
    • Bought a can of contact cleaner and sprayed it on anything electrical
    • Noticed that the hazard lights worked
    • Tested continuity around the fusebox
    • Used a piece of wire to bypass the ignition switch and suddenly it worked
    • Bought and installed a new ignition switch
  • Now the electrical system works except for the turn signals and the passenger side headlight