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Born On:
the beginning of time
Last Updated:
20:25, 24 July 2017 (CDT)


There is a giant LED sign at the shop. I am very lazy so I am not going to tell you what kind it is. However, I do know that the python library for Alpha American and Betabrite signs will drive it just fine.

Old versions:

Goals for this version

  • Be completely driven from mqtt.
  • Split out the logic into two parts: the display part, and any "processing" tasks.
    • For instance, pushing a message to a certain screen will be done by publishing to the correct mqtt endpoint. But the sign will not listen to any endpoints except its own - an external app will have to, for instance, listen to CasCADE messages and publish them to the sign in a modified form.
  • Support "signcode" (formatting instructions like {green}).
  • Run on a Raspberry Pi so it can be physically contained in the sign itself.