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Monday Dec 14th

Made a drum out of stretched tarp and a plastic paint bucket left over from the painters. Read a reddit thread (can't find the thread, stupid reddit search) that referenced the creativity boosting state of mind called hypnagogia, and suggested that native americans used to drum at a rhythm that induces this state. So I built the drum to experiment. If it works, I'll recommend that we do a 'creativity drum circle' at the shop.

Some other day

Worked on clustering 4-character words with self-organizing map neural network.


Made some PVC bagpipes.

Friday Oct 23rd

Haven't been by the shop in a long time! Began work on Halloween costume. Made cuts for the Deck, spraypainted both the deck and the keys and accessory. Bought pack (to dye) and arm and hand guards. All in all, a productive night.