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Born On:
22:08, 24 September 2012 (CDT)
Last Updated:
23:54, 24 September 2012 (CDT)


The Library Relevancy Project: keeping libraries what they're supposed to be, knowledge store houses. With libraries desperately trying to remain relevant in an ever changing world, they're branching out into roles already being fulfilled by other organizations such as hackerspaces instead of focusing on new ways to do what they've been doing for centuries already. This is a draft for what may become a future proposal to local libraries.


Better indexing

Make it easier to find knowledge using newer technologies.

  • QR Code markers at the end of rows. Take advantage of the ubiquity of smart phones.
    • Would show the contents of the row by subject or author.
      • Would need to have an app written and kept up to date for it.
    • Existing Dewey Decimal, Universal Decimal, Library of Congress Classification, and others can still be used but mostly for the unique identifier of the individual book. Knowledge of said systems would become a backup solution.
    • Uses data already known to the library. It's a simple matter of building a page (html), making the QR code, printing it out, and sticking it to the shelf.



Scan books

Convert the exist stock of knowledge to something more relevant and flexible.



Data haven

Become a digital store house.

  1. Easy start. Build a large growable RAID capable of losing more than one disk.
    • SnapRAID or Btrfs (see links below) or something else similar.
  2. Offer offsite backup services for library patrons.
    • Maybe for a nominal fee?
  3. Encourage the sharing of specific non-personally identifiable information containing documents on a network.
    • How?
    • Internal? Internet accessible?
  4. Run entity analytics against shared documents, index, and correlate.
  5. Provide an easy interface for finding what you want.



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