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Group Project
Early Implementation
Born On:
13:35, 02 November 2009 (CDT)
Last Updated:
10:10, 22 July 2010 (CDT)


An automatic waffle maker, with our logo somehow worked in.


Phase I


  • Automatic dispensing of batter
  • Automatic timed cooking of waffles
  • Automatic removal of cooked waffles from griddles


  • Batter hopper with appropriate batter valve
    The flange and valve.
    • Brass ball valve, 1", for air, water, or oil
    • future thoughts: construct a kickass stargate-like iris diaphram as a valve, use the same threading that is on the ball valve
  • Waffle cooker
    The free waffle iron we have available.
    • Waffle iron with removable griddles
      • Got an older free one from opticron's dad
      • Needs non-stick spray applicator
        • it would be great if we could avoid this as it adds unnecessary mechanics and spray would need to be applied to both griddles
        • aerosol can actuated with servo?
  • Possible waffle removal mechanisms (needs prototyping and testing)
    • gravity?
    • which griddle will it come out on?


  • Acquire metal bowl or other metal container to house the liquid batter
    • Mount the bowl to the 1" metal flange in IMOD's storage bin with 4 bolts
    • Ensure the bowl is sealed using food-safe sealant (probably silicone rubber)
  • Build a valve control mechanism w/ electronics so the valve can remain open for a variable number of seconds (preferably milliseconds)
    • Use the brass 1" ball valve in IMOD's storage bin (it is currently attached to the 1" flange)
  • Build mechanizing harness for the waffle maker so its hinge lines up with the axis of movement
    • the waffle maker should be able to open the top so it faces up for dropping batter onto the waffle maker
    • the waffle maker should be able to open the bottom so it faces down for dropping waffles on to a plate
    • the method of implementation is up to whoever does it, motors could work, but so could some kind of linear actuator
    • the mechanism should be able to provide a jolt to facilitate breaking the waffle free

Phase II


  • Mixing of liquid and solid ingredients
  • Separate mixing of liquid and solid ingredients to get a smooth consistency before further mixing
  • Interchangable griddles