Lunch Ackis Module

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Born On:
14:04, 28 December 2009 (CST)
Last Updated:
17:16, 26 January 2011 (CDT)


Targeted Challenges:

  1. Users have to copy and paste the topic every time they want to add their names to a lunch plan
  2. Users may be in the middle of formatting their topic change and post it moments after another topic change has happened.
  3. Some SmartPhone clients do not display channel topics

Potential Hazards:

  1. Could reduce visibility of lunch plans. topics are highly visible and relatively easy to change.


  • Still brainstorming. need to figure out if it would be easier to made the modifications to ackis to be able to pull the topic from a channel.


Design Brainstorm 1

Ackis module that lets people create an entry in the channel topic and easily add / subtract themselves from it. Whenever the topic has the word "Lunch" added to it, bot will twitter the lunch topic (but not to the makerslocal twitter account)

Design Brainstorm 2

Due to current ackis limitations, there is no way get pull the topic from a channel and get it from the client_irc, through the ackis_core, and into the mod_lunch. The module could follow the topic changes, but if it ever missed one, it could get behind and end up changing the topic to something old, wiping out important information. Kinda risky.

Another way to approach the module would be for it to not change the topic at all, and instead send private messages to anyone who has subscribed their nick to the lunchbot. The module would have the option of having the IRC ackis client announce that a Lunch Announcement has begun, so that if they aren't PM'ed by ACKIS they can report an error.

Core Capabilities:

  • Ability to set and clear lunch venue and time
  • Ability for user to (un)subscribe to lunch PM's
  • Ability for user to receive lunch PM's
  • Ability for lunch announcements to be announced in a testing channel, external to #makerslocal
  • Ability for admin to kill the module, should it become a burden on a channel or users, without banning the client_irc nick

(Ackis2, fedaykin, etc)

  • Ability to announce that a call for lunch has happened in an IRC channel, and instructions on how to subscribe

Future Capabilities: