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About Us

Archival Notice
This page is archived and may not be up to date.

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414 Stevens Ave
Huntsville, Al 35801


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About Makers Local 256

The organization has it's genesis around the time Tech Shop in San Francisco opened and it was determined that something similar could be done locally without so much of the cost. Soon a wiki was formed where ideas and projects began to get committed to something more than memory and in late October 2006 the first meeting was held. This group of friends continued meeting nearly every weekend, working on projects and discussing new ideas. Much debate was given toward a name before finally settling on Makers Local 256. A name both reflecting who and where we are. In 2008, the question was raised of how much money everyone could pledge monthly for a year toward getting a physical space, a method we still use today. We moved into our first space of a humble 750sqft a few months later. During our first year we managed to incorporate as a 501(c)(3) non-profit and double membership beyond the original ten members. Due to this growth and discovering what the old space was lacking, a new space of 2500sqft was located in April 2009. However, the group even outgrew this space and in June 2011 moved into a much larger facility. The new space at 414 Stevens Ave. features an small climate-controlled workspace, a large warehouse floor for general projects, as well as a loft area for storage and teaching. Makers Local 256 now sports a membership of over forty makers and continues to grow.

List of projects


Proposed designs

Tri-fold from single sheet of 8.5x11 (color/glossly? printed at kinko's or something...) Collage of pictures from the MakeShop as well as the logo and some catchy phrase comprise the front flap.

Opening the first flap, we see flaps 2(left) and 3(right). Both 2 and 3 showcase projects, with enticing text and pictures from the projects.

Opening flap 3, we see flaps 4(center) and 5(right). Flap 4 discusses the history of the MakeShop, while flap 5 discusses the future of the MakeShop.

Turn it over to see the last flap: a 'fun' picture, with text persuading the reader to join the makeshop (and donate!)

Thanks to Nykodemus for doing this mockup.