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I just get frustrated when I go out and the jukebox selection is so limited. I thought it would be a good idea to make it more accessible and allow users to submit music and add it to the mix. Unfortunately, I don't know much about programming, so I'll be looking for help to develop the technology. However, I can make one awesome cabinet to house the machine.


The most important feature of the jukebox should be user submitted music. Ideally someone should be upload to insert a music CD, USB drive or CD with music on it. The computer should be able to search the disk for .mp3 files (I guess other music types like .flac could be supported, but mp3 is the big one) and add them to the box's collection.

Other Features

  • Searchability
  • Sound system - Don't we have extra speakers at the shop?
  • User Interface - trackball or touch screen? Everyone loves a touch screen.

Potential Problems

  • Corrupt files
  • File duplicates
  • Multiple file formats
  • Untagged or unsorted music