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Born On:
17:38, 9 January 2014 (CST)
Last Updated:
14:32, 10 February 2014 (CDT)


Creating a custom set of Cards Against Humanity (CAH) cards that are Makers Local 256 themed.


  • CAH Template
  • Using standard expansion size: 75 White, 25 Black

Black Cards

25 will be chosen

  1. Why was I running from the police?
  2. What was I building at 2am on a Friday night?
  3. Wouldn't it be awesome if Someone made __________ out of ____________?
  4. What is Phil lighting on fire tonight?
  5. Why do I look guilty?
  6. What is this thing? It looks like Justin's, better put it with his stuff.
  7. In the future,__________ will be authenticated with a USB Key
  8. Where's YOUR fucking Dalek?
  9. What is in the way this time?
  10. What tool is being misused today?
  11. Due to re-occurring issues, Members are no longer allowed to ____________?
  12. No! Hackerspaces are for ____________, Makerspaces are for ____________!
  13.  !help
  14. Prospective members must now list ____________ on their membership application.
  15. When closing up the shop for the night, remember to turn off _____________.
  16. I just had a great idea. Lets use __________ and __________ to create a __________! (Draw 2 pick 3)
  17. It's a pity that __________ had to be so flammable.
  18. Your project is cool and all but here is how I would do it.
  19. What's the loudest?
  20. __________? Does that take Bitcoin?
  21. Hey, I have some _____. I'll just put them on this clean table.
  22. Who's ______ is on this table!?
  23. _____ is driving members away.
  24. If we only had ____
  25. Is ______ supposed to be smoking like that?
  26. This Tuesday, ____________ will be cooking ____________, proceeds to go the general fund.
  27. DickieBot puts ________ in his inventory.

White Cards

75 will be chosen

  1. Gregging yourself
  2. Using a welder like a hot glue gun
  3. JeffWeld (hotglue)
  4. Setting the shop on fire
  5. Tylerclamps
  7. A program that only works on NT without networking
  8. A group of makers hitting resonance with their voice
  9. Trying to extinguish Phil
  10. Hitting it with a hammer
  11. Having to dodge shrapnel when a project goes wrong
  12. I don't know what it is, but at least it isn't a large wooden stage
  13. A hobo with a knife
  14. Someone cutting metal, or maybe a DIY spark factory
  15. A donated CRT monitor
  16. Power tools and flip-flops
  17. The Ramset
  18. Shasta 1 through 12
  19. Molten Aluminum and flip-flops
  20. Getting drunk and making a robot out of trashcans
  21. Wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub
  22. Beeeeeees!
  23. Roasting a pig all night long
  24. DickieBot
  25. Changing the bylaws
  26. Having to clean off the tables before starting a project
  27. Starting a project and never finishing it
  28. Holy Shit! A Bouncy ball!
  29. Whiteboard drawings
  30. Lighting tables on fire
  31. Being a motherfucking Maker
  32. 2600
  33. Hacking into webcams to plot the theft of a microwave's innards
  34. Two members filling a pickle bucket
  35. Bickering back and forth forever
  36. A blue bike shed (obviously better)
  37. A red bike shed (obviously better)
  38. Firing the ramset into the air while elbow deep in a computer
  40. Trolling the mailing list
  41. Ragequitting the mailing list
  42. Liking what I don't like
  43. Laser juice
  44. Picking the lunch destination and not showing up
  45. A functional 3D printer
  46. Spontaneously exploding cupcakes
  47. A crusty futon
  48. Tying a disco ball to the winch and riding it up
  49. Transparent Aluminum
  50. A robot that takes your USB stick and shits out quarters
  51. 5 month old stale Runts (TM)
  52. An empty drink machine
  53. Writing an angry email to the board
  54. Dolphin Paper(TM)
  55. Raptor Paper(TM)
  56. Licking a battery, for science
  57. Licking a battery, for pleasure
  58. Getting your clothing caught in the power tools
  61. A rusty pair of tylerclamps
  62. A heaping glob of JeffWeld™ to keep things held together
  63. Waiting for the welder to warm up
  64. A 470 Ohm KinseyCap
  65. spraying the floor with lithium grease to watch people slide
  66. Diesel fumes, yum yum
  67. The smell of cancer in the air
  69. Phil's vertical leap
  70. The Hobo Nest™
  71. Yet another neighbor calling the cops on us because we are sciencing. WAY. TOO. HARD.
  72. Hey, throw me that knife
  73. Cleaning the shop by THROWING EVERYTHING AWAY
  74. An unnecessary hatred of anything resembling a case mod
  75. A horizontal surface, FILL IT WITH STUFF