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Born On:
21:45, 11 September 2018 (CDT)
Last Updated:
19:19, 10 October 2018 (CDT)


This is a page for notes on the Mystic BBS instance located on a shop VM.

Synchronet BBS

Linux Administration of BBS

  • Configuration: /sbbs/exec/scfg
  • Console Execution: /sbbs/exec/sbbs
    • Note, this should be deamonized

Installation Notes

  • When following the instructions for running sbbs as a deamon use these commands on debian instead. When running the suggested command, "update-rc.d sbbs enable 2 3 4 5" it responds with something about symlinks not being present.
    • sudo update-rc.d sbbs defaults
    • sudo update-rc.d sbbs enable

ToDo List

  • Enable Doors \ External Programs
  • Setup SSH connections
  • Don't allow users to send external emails
  • Forward the Ports

Mystic BBS

Linux Administration of BBS

  • cd into /mystic
  • To start mystic BBS, sudo ./mis DAEMON
  • To stop mystic BBS, sudo ./mis SHUTDOWN
  • Currently the mystic directory is owned by the omegix user account. Not sure what impact that will have on other accounts attempting to start/stop/condfigure
  • To configure BBS, sudo ./mystic -CFG




  • "Connection Terminated" may be caused by the IP addresses being added to the IP blacklist. Not sure what caused this to happen, but the solution was to run ./mystic -cfg and commenting out the IP addressed that were blacklisted.
  • running mystic in SERVER mode (as opposed to DAEMON) allowed to show what was happening when we couldn't login

Accessing BBS

  • Download a client such as NetRunner:
    • Note that the top part of this page is the downloads for MysticBBS, you want the NetRunner app
    • If downloading on linux, you may have to use wget rather than download via web browser. I don't know why downloading via webbrowser is borked for their server, but it's been resulting in corrupted downloads.
  • Connect to