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  • July 22 2008
  • 7pm
  • Shop


Topic Presenter
Money from non members/Members rules Jeff/Matt
Treasurer's Report Jeff
Proposal for an Action Item List Jeff
In person monthly meetings Nathan
Liability release forms Jeff
Keep refrigerator cleaned out Nathan
Set Next Open House Date Sara (please see discussion below)
Swap Meet Ray
Hamfest Greg
Get 1 person to join Jeff
Coda development (for Bylaws) Jeff or David
Makers Local Shirts Nathan


  • David
  • Strages
  • Kinsey
  • Jeff
  • Matt
  • Nathan
  • Sara
  • Bob (15 min late)
  • Greg (by phone)
  • Conrad (by phone)


  • Money for non-members
    • Possible Solutions
      • $5 visit / $10 week / $40 month (So 4 visits in 7 days is $10, 5 visits over 8 days is $15)
      • Retain no charge on Weekends policy, guests may throw money in the donation box if they so choose
  • Treasurer's Report
    • Ledger
    • 501c3 Status
  • Next open house
    • Possible dates:
      • August 2 - Matt out of town
      • August 9 - Matt out of town
      • August 16 - Jeff and Sara out of town. - Hamfest
      • August 23
      • August 30
    • Projects
      • Multi-touch demonstration?
      • Ackis demonstration?
      • Photobooth demo/presentation?
      • Monitor FishTank Progress/presentation?
      • T-shirts demonstration?
      • Interactive table with ooblec and magic sand and kalediscope
    • Ideas
      • We could have "booths" or tables that new people visit and ask questions and we demo stuff for.
        • Definitely not enough room for this to happen. --strages 05:56, 15 July 2008 (CDT)
      • We could have talks every hour on the hour that go into more detail
        • This won't work due to the sporadic nature of people showing up for an open house type event and how long they stay. --strages 05:56, 15 July 2008 (CDT)
      • Have brochures available for the taking
      • Donation bucket
      • Have a list detailing what it takes to become a member and what is available as a non member
      • Ask Duda to come and let people look at his bus. Opportunity to find out more about biodiesal conversion.