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  • September 30 2008
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • Eat before, or bring food with.


Topic Presenter
Open House Review Everyone
Next Open House Date Everyone
501c3 Status Omegix
Front Page Edits JimShoe
Phreaknic Status update Everyone
non board member attendance at Board meetings Brimstone
Review of Action Items Everyone


  • Raymond
  • Matt
  • Bob
  • David
  • Jeff
  • Sara
  • Greg
  • Nathan
  • Conrad (by phone)
  • Tim (most of it)


  • Open Review
    • Everyone's thoughts
    • Money?
  • Next Open House
    • Set a Date
    • Chris Dayton has put together a group that want to help us with promotion, it would be nice if we could give him an idea when we will be having another open house. This with help both of our groups. More on this at the meeting.
  • 501c3 Status
    • What is the Status.
    • What do we need to do to get this done.
      • Proposal to amend articles: Section 2.1 to omit $40 membership clause
  • Front Page Edits
    • CGI:IRC Login, either from Throwthemind or our own.
      • I say we use CGI:IRC since its something we can control, Mibbit isn't.
    • Contact Us, either form or email address
      • It would be nice if this sent an email to all of us. Then we discuss it over the mailing list, and send one reply back.
  • Brian
    • Giving him "a key".
    • His monthly contribution to the shop.


  • Open House review
    • Oobleck went over well.
    • made $77 in donations
    • $55 going back to bob to help compensate food he bought for the open house.
    • Robots are a good thing to have.
    • Open floor layout was a plus.
  • Next Open House will be in November.
    • Chris Dayton's Media Iniative is willing to help promote.
    • Tenative date 11/15.
  • 501c3
    • Articles of Incorporation need to be ammended to get rid of the $40 dues.
      • We've already voted to not do dues per say so much as pledged donation amounts.
    • Bylaws need to be finished before we can submit.
      • 3 people need to meet and finish them within a week of today to get them done.
        • Thursday 10/2 7:30pm tentative date.
  • Treasurer's Report:
    • $926 in the bank as of this meeting.
      • $1340 after everyone catches up from last month.
  • Phreaknic status update:
    • No projects done yet. :(
      • Multitouch
        • Lasers are on the way, possibly by Friday.
      • USB UID door lock.
      • Photobooth
        • Wood still needs to be cut.
        • Software still needs to get finished.
        • We still need a computer platform for the booth as the Ramline is hosed.
          • Kinsey's touchscreen working in Linux.
          • Pinouts for ramline screen and a new computer.
          • New hdd from ramline and a hope and a prayer.
  • Meetings:
    • Monthly:
      • Open to members an non-members.
      • Project discussion
      • New rules
      • New members
      • Keyed access
    • Quarterly:
      • Treasurer Report
      • Board members only.
  • We need to work on a new simpler logo. Something easily stenciled or tagged.
  • Keyed access needs a pledged donation amount every month.
  • Donations are handled by writting a receipt and the donator writes in the worth for their purpose of getting it written off their taxes.