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  • October 28 2008
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • Eat before, or bring food with.


Topic Presenter
501c3 Status Omegix
Fire Extinguisher Reimbursement ($49.97) Omegix
USB Servo Equipment Reimbursement (Cost about $60, Asking for $48) Omegix
Discuss Open House JimShoe && Everyone
Set cleaning day for Open House Everyone
Do we need a sign? JimShoe
Review of Action Items Everyone
Phone availability \ liability Omegix



  • Fire Extinguisher Reimbursement
    • I believe Mog said to let him know how much the fire extinguisher was and he would give us a check.--JimShoe 09:50, 28 October 2008 (CDT)
  • Discuss Open House
    • I think we need to have a flyer by this weekend. Maybe Sat. go around hanging some up. --JimShoe 09:50, 28 October 2008 (CDT)
    • Being listed in Valley Planet, next issue goes out right before Open House.
    • PSA is being recorded Wed.
      • Transcript: Do you like to Tinker? Does your concept of “Hacking” reach beyond just software? You might be part of a burgeoning movement of “Makers.” Part “gear-head”, inventor, techie, and artist with a dash of mad scientist. Maker’s Local #256 has recently formed to support those urges. We will be hosting an open house and “Junk-Box Swap-Meet” November 15th from noon-4. Come meet the gang, while you swap motor’s and modems, pulleys and printers for wires and winches, relays and rheostats. But please . . . no CRT’s. 3409 Governor’s Drive, a little blue house across from the Inergi Building. ###-####""--JimShoe 09:50, 28 October 2008 (CDT)
    • Print up some more Tri-Fold flyers.
    • Print some more Business cards.
  • Do we need a sign?
    • It was something Chris Dayton brought up to me. He also offered to help make one. I personally think it would be a good idea for open houses, but not as an everyday thing, as this would imply a business like environment. --JimShoe 09:50, 28 October 2008 (CDT)


  • 501 c3 status:
  • Corydon said they got theirs back within a month. omegix said to expect something in January
  • Fire Extinguisher Reimbursement- Mog donates cash, cash flows to srsly_sara
  • USB Servo Equipment Reimbursement- omegix
  • Project Reimbursement is a community/bootstrap thing. In general reimbursement is a vote by vote basis.
  • Dave will cut check for ~48
  • Discuss Open House- Nov 15
  • PSA has been recorded, Valley Planet, etc.
  • Flyer by this weekend, put them up. Modify the trifold slightly. strages will edit flyer. brimstone will print stuffs.
  • Swap meet time 12-4. 1 session of cooking after 4. korc will help to cook. we'll work it out later.
  • Swap meet: Clean off tables.
  • Cleaning Day- Sunday November 9.
  • Do we need a ML 256 sign? like the google pin except with our logo. Chris said he'd help this weekend.
    • korc says think about it adnd think about design
  • Chris and some others will be coming by Thursday 7:30 to talk about stuff, flyers, and sign.
  • Action Items: Insurance companies usually have waivers you can use. need to have insurance before
    • why have ewaivers if we don't have insurance?
    • chris gave the name of a lawyer R. David McDowell
  • when is meeting ? Nov 18 Tuesday 7:30
  • Annual Meeting elections post poned until nov meeting
  • omegix made a membership application form
  • we voted on it
  • meeting ended 8:53