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  • December 16 2008
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • Eat before, or bring food with.


Topic Presenter
Review of Action Items Everyone
Vote on Key Requests Everyone
What to do with extra stuff/Cleaning Day Nathan
Treasurer Report Jeff
Next Open House Raymond
Need to find a new place Jeff


  • Bob
  • Nathan
  • Jeff
  • Kinsey
  • Ray
  • Greg
  • Sara
  • Matt


  • Key Requests From: Preauxphoto, Mog, Mac, Jake
  • Treasurer Update Topics: Status of pledge amounts, reminder to evaluate pledge amounts for January meeting
    • Out of those that became members since the Swap Meet, 4 did not donate in November.


  • Action Items
    • Bob talked to a lawyer whom is writing a release form for us ETA Mid January
    • Shop checklist to be printed tonight
    • Powertool Class moved to Jan Meeting
    • USB Grounding Solution was added
    • Webcam system needs more cams
    • Website group is still waiting on the LDAP server to be functional
    • Nathan will contact the group formed to search for new shop places in a week or so
  • Key requests
    • Members in good standing gained access: Scott, Mog, Jake
    • Members not in good standing need to meet with Jeff: Mac
  • Cleaning Day
    • Every Saturday Ray will put dots on things the shop wants to sell or dispose.
    • People must remove dots from these things if they want to keep them
  • Treasure Report
    • Jeff's report went well
    • Jeff will assemble the Finance Committee to complete a self audit before February meeting
    • Donations need to be made before the 18th (two days) for Jan
  • Open house
    • Tentative date Feb 21
  • Other
    • Ray will build the hackerspaces book entry on the wiki page in before it's due on the 18th and inform the list about it's presence