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  • January 13 2008
  • 8:00pm
  • Shop
  • Eat before, or bring food with.
  • All members


Topic Presenter
Review of Action Items Everyone
Compiling of Charter Member pledge amounts for second fiscal year (starts in april) Jeff
Business Personal Property Coverage Jeff
501c3 Status Jeff
Green dotted items Nathan
Space Bob, Jeff, Ray, Nathan, Greg


  • TBD


  • Business Personal Property Coverage is $5k. If there are any priority property loans to the shop we need to establish them.
  • Jeff called the IRS, as of 1-6-09 they are processing the applications filed in July, Ours was received Oct 17th.
    • They're working at about a month-to-month ratio, and are badly backlogged
    • They have confirmed that our application will need additional work, but will not specify as to what regards until our case is assigned


Action Item List Review

Lawyer release form

"shop" refers to here. suggest "make shop" written by lawyer, but not an AL lawyer. Is there an AL issue? Mog can ask an AL lawyer for us.

Monthly Contributions

Review is getting bumped to 2010. everyone has sent treasurer items

Schedule time for tool class

jeff will let us know feb

usb auth grounding soln

the lights turn off, the door opens. foil around it? earth ground the system, wires, computer, etc.

Webcam System

bumped to Feb

WWW Group will present prototype front page for the group

meeting tomorrow. bump to feb.

Dot things to sell

Progress has been made.


Garbage is not feasible. purchase from bfi or commercial trash service.

confirm: trash is a group effort. everyone takes a bag every once in a while. trash bags are underneath the microwave.

Finance audit


This completes the action item list.

Compiling Charter Member Pledge Amounts

bills per month for 2009: $862

charter member income: $865

counting other member pledges: $95 more dollars a month.

Some people are contributing less.

Business Personal Property Coverage

Insurance- $5k business coverage property. stuff our org doesn't own, but if it gets stolen we get up to 5k covered.

Jeff proposes we create a priority list of claimage. Loan Items page: One exists. It hasn't been updated in a while. and no one knows where it is.

things like the laptop, servers in the back room. its for loaned items vs. donated items.

Everyone that cares put your stuff down. Bob will make a page for it.

Ray chimes in and says Battlebots equip will be about $5k

Nathan will send an email Monday to remind everyone to put their stuff on there.

501c3 status

They are backlogged. not reviewed till March. We have been in the field of "our paperwork needs more work" category.

Unfortunately, we will not have it in time for tax year 2009. When we do get it, we can file a tax correction form and

Green dotted items

Nathan proposes people look through and keep it. Not much is worth ebaying. Maybe take it to the Tech Recycling Center. unless someone will ebay it.

Ray has made a list of what the stuff is. Brian volunteers to ebay it.

Jeff says if it hasn't sold by x date, take it to the TRC.

Matt suggests a week or two to get stuff online. And


Approximate Meeting Notes

The following is an approximation of the rest of the meeting. I lost my notes because my log in timed out. --Saratheneale 21:16, 13 January 2009 (CST)


1. Inergi Building Bob will ask further questions 2. Andy Kusak house Jeff will call

Member Status

1. Matt made a timeline. Basically members are inactive after 2 missed payments. Key access is revoked.

2. There is debate about what to do when and if that member wants access back. 2 months of missed payments? decision before the board?

3. Matt is writing a member status proposal for us to vote on.