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  • March 31 2009
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • General list invited, Board Members


no formal agenda. An emergency meeting was called to discuss which location was the best to pursue for Makers Local 256 to move to.


(from memory. Please correct if I'm forgetting someone). Board Members:

  • bob
  • sara
  • matt
  • ray
  • greg
  • nathan
  • kinsey
  • dave

Other Members:

  • tim
  • mog


  • Jake


Taken informally by Sara.

Meeting Notes

  • Bob made a decision chart for 3 locations. Everyone's leaned toward the Brown St. Location.

On the Brown Location:

  • Bad news:
  • deposit huntsville utilities = 2x the largest power bill within the last 5 years.

new place = $1200 deposit. Brown St. vs the $300 utility we have now.

  • More slightly bad news: he's also got another person that asked about it.
  • Writing out the numbers:

$2700 Initial Outlay for Brown St. $1500 + 1200 deposit.

Brown St - no deposit- first and last months rent = $1500.

we have $1000 in the bank account?

  • A suggestion is made to have a bake sale.
  • inital move in costs for other two places:
    • Jordan - $800 for Jim intially. Don't know about deposit. Lot of money out of pocket to fix up. including wiring. over the next 4 - 5 months at least.
  • Ray: We came up with $2510 a year ago for start up costs. Surely, we can come up with $2700.
  • Guest suggestion: Maybe just stay here and save up the money.
    • no one wants to do that because we can't get new members without more space.
  • Bob can pay his year up front. And that will take care of us for now. but thats 900 that goes away, and we need an extra 100 a month theoretically.
  • Utilities Idea: have an air conditioner monitor that cuts off when we get close to budget.
  • Can we afford $920 a month?

  • Money Suggestions
    • Supposedly, we have a couple extra $ a month.
    • Ray's tax return is going straight to the shop.
    • Bob says enlist an accountant once a quarter.
    • A suggestion is made to get each member to cough up $20. if we have 22 members, that's $420 right there.
    • if we get the deposit back for the current spot, that money can go towards our start up costs.
    • dave's thinking of calling the utility place up. and begging to knock down the utility deposit.
    • It could be a year before we get company match contributions.
  • Is there a time frame we want? End of the week, etc.
  • Maker Friends Willing to Throw $ at Startup Costs
    • Bob throws out $1200 for the deposit. Put utilities deposit back in the bank account.
    • Dickie $305
    • Tim friday 300 no questions one time.
    • Nathan $304
    • Kinsey $300
    • David $300
    • Bob will pay utility deposit (counts of upfront).
    • Jake might be able to put in $100
  • Chart of StartUp Costs
    • Rent $740
    • Deposit: $1500
    • Utility Deposit: $1200
    • Net: $20
    • Utility: $100
  • First Month Bill Totals: $2970
  • Second Month Bill Totals: $1020
  • Proposal is made to pursue Brown St. Location. All board members present vote in favor.
  • A suggestion is made for a Donations Page with honors for big donors.
  • Mog asked Marc Spencer about donating. told him that our first month is about 3k.
  • Call Treasurer to make sure our numbers jive
  • Has our $650 from this month come out yet? yes
  • Bob - will call Mike and say Yes we'll take it.
  • need to sit down with Jeff and go over the books. calling and putting him on speaker phone.

  • He will make a $513 deposit.
  • There's already $915 in the bank even with April bill taken out.
  • Have paid the rent for April.
  • Donations for April are going into bank tomorrow.
  • Total will now be $1400 in the bank tomorrow. Does not include donations in box
  • our insurance will probably go up.
  • Jeff expects our monthly total will go up by $200.
  • Donation Box Results. around $315 in box. just donations and applications.
  • Bob will call Mike tomorrow. Can we move in early for overlap time?

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