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  • October 25, 2010
  • 7:30pm
  • Shop
  • All members


Topic Presenter
Election Election Committee
Review of Action Items Chairman
Treasurer's Report Treasurer
Facilities Committee Report Facilities Committee
Project Chairman
Publicity & Events Publicity Chair
New Member Recognition Secretary
Decide next meeting date Chairman
Change Door Code Secretary
Election Results Election Committee

Action Items

Treasurer's Report

  • September 2010
    • Donations: $590
    • Members: $950.33 (26)
    • Expenses: $1241.61
    • Net Profit: $298.72
    • Average Donation per person: $36.5511538461538
    • Average Expense per person: $47.7542307692308
  • October 2010
    • Donations: $673.82
    • Members: $585.52 (19)
    • Expenses: $1210.14
    • Net Profit: $49.2
    • Average Donation per person: $30.8168421052632
    • Average Expense per person: $63.6915789473684

Facilities Committee

  • Insulation Proto-Proposal - Final call for any inputs to the proposal before it's submitted to the board. See notes under 'Augmentations' -> 'Insulation on the main room' for details.
  • Basic Winterization Measures Underway - Currently winterizing the shop over November. See notes under 'Basic Winterization Measures' for details.


  • HALO Rocket Team - Does anyone own or know somebody who owns property outside of the city limits? They are looking for a place to do static test firings some rocket motors (400 lbf thrust)? All that is needed is an open area where we can strap the motor down and fire.
  • Engineers Without Borders - Does anyone own or know somebody who owns property that has a running stream or waterfall? One of the members has built a hydraulic ram pump that the team is looking to test. They need to set it up and let it run to measure its output.
  • Green Mountain Glass Tour 11/8/10 - Green Mountain Glass is holding a tour of their glass recycling shop 11/8/10. To those interested, please RSVP to Spacefelix.

New Members

  • Jackson
  • Nick Huskinson (Corramor)
  • Prentiss Nick (giant)

Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting convened at 735 by chairman
  • 7:35 Voting for Board Members begins
  • 7:36 HALO rocket project - Ethan
    • 7:36 Looking for locations, many suggestions
  • 7:37 Ethan presenting project concepts from Engineers Without Borders
    • 7:37 Looking for property with a body of moving water
  • 7:37 Green Mountain Glass - Tour of their facilities November 08
  • 7:38 Facilities Committee
    • 7:38 Thanks to members who helped with Clean Up Day
    • 7:38 Several events coming up at the shop soon, please keep the place clean and pick after yourself
    • 7:39 The FC will be winterizing the shop this month, sealing and insulating ceiling, doors and windows, improving current garage door hanging with a tarp/canvas/tarp sandwich for insulation. Long term plan for insulation is to hang canvas curtains on wall. Proposal details are on the wiki, the committee invites your comments.
      • 7:41 Fire safety is a concern, canvas flammable. Scott saves the day with valuable aid and materials knowledge.
    • 7:44 ISS insulation – Shae offers free space shuttle insulation.
  • 7:46 Treasury Committee
    • 7:46 Charts demonstrate our monthly costs and expenses, compared to our incoe
    • 7:47 Expenses remain steady, but income is not enough
    • 7:47 We're okay for the short term, but we need help soon
  • New members this month
    • Nick – Corramor
    • Jackson
    • Big Nick – comes in Saturday
  • Future events
    • Halloween party Friday
    • Open House Saturday, November 6
    • Shae wants to start weekly sewing/knitting meetups, positively acceptable


  • Scott
  • Isaac
  • Dickie
  • Brian
  • Jeff
  • Shae
  • Justin
  • Greg
  • Tim
  • Bob
  • Matt
  • Kinsey
  • Alice
  • Ethan
  • Hanyan
  • Phil
  • Sarah Benalene
  • Nathan
  • Tuttle