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Multi NET is an idea to create a client running in a Multi OS Platform [ OSX, Win, Linux/Unix ] where the client is able to connect to a MultiNET P2P Network.

The cool thing about this project is the fact of allow this P2P client be the client of another Multi Protocl Network [ P2P Network , IRC Network, Newsgroups Network, BitTorrent ]. The end result will be any search will be executed in each of the particular networks from the same API.

The idea start today June 5 2007 when trying to create a VMWare appliance of the MacOSX did not found it anywhere until sombebody recommend to use one of the power users networks, then I tought chating with Ray, how cool would it be to have an application running on any OS [ MultiOS ] and connecting with all the networks outhere [ Multi Protocol ] Downloading good content.

Just want to contribute my 5 minutes of fame, I wonder now if the client should be Multi Programming Languaje. I'm thinking Java can do the job, however since my recent involvement with Ruby, I kind of like to do it with Ruby. Python and C is allways an option.

D1n00z. Brains R Like Books only work when they R Open

PS -> Just one more note, the creator of Mongrel talk something really really intereseting in the RailsPodcast website about rewrite all the protocols, perhaps this will be a good opportunity to implement the next generation of P2P for the Multi Net.