Multiseat gaming box

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Born On:
21:34, 29 April 2013 (CDT)
Last Updated:
16:49, 06 June 2013 (CDT)


A multiseat (separate monitor, keyboard, mouse, sound, and terminal per seat) linux box for gaming. FPSes(Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D), Armagetron Advanced, etc.

Possible names

  • Quintesson
    • would technically have to be a five seat box....

Attempt #1

  • Foxconn WinFast 6150K8MA-8EKRS
    • CPU
      • AMD64
    • RAM
      • 4GB DDR RAM
    • Video
      • Onboard nVidia GeForce 6100 series chip
        • VGA out
      • Galaxy GeForce GTS250 PCI Express 2.0 16x card
        • VGA
        • DVI
        • HDMI
      • EVGA GeForce 6200 PCI card
        • VGA
        • DVI
        • svideo
    • Audio
      • OnBoard 5.1
    • Expansion ports
      • six USB 2.0 ports
      • one Firewire port
    • Expansion slots
      • three PCI slots


  • Got the onboard video and the pci express card working in tandem. Sharing a desktop for the time being. VGA port on the pci express card is shared with the hdmi port according to Lubuntu 12.04. The DVI port may be able to operate as a second screen on the card lending to my initial expectations. --strages (talk) 22:34, 13 May 2013 (CDT)
  • Bought a PCI nVidia card from CMI! It too had VGA and DVI. Tested running dual monitors on both cards and I now have four seperate displays between them! --strages (talk) 17:44, 18 May 2013 (CDT)


  • nvidia-173 driver for the onboard geforce 6150.
  • multiple xorg.conf's(one per seat) seem to work better than a single one