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Basic Event Information

  • Name: Nerd Rummage Sale
  • Organizer\POC: Omegix (ML256 Contact), Halley (External Contact)
  • Date: 8/2/2014
  • Time: 11am - 5pm
  • Location: Makers Local
  • Cost to Attend: $0


  • August 2 2014, 11:00am - 5:00pm: Nerd Rummage Sale


From FB Event Page: "This Saturday will be the first not-annual rummage sale for all things geeky, nerdy or interesting.

There will be adorable cookies for sale and free lemonade.

Anyone is welcome to come and set up a table or blanket, and it would be great if you post a teaser here on the event.

So, come sell your dusty magic cards, comics, sci-fi paraphernalia, Boba Fett costume, three-sizes-ago-corset or just come and see what happens!"

Jeff Cotten acting as POC, Halley Martin is an external member to Makers Local that asked if we could use the make shop as a place to hold this event.

Limitations on Event:

  1. Event should be held outside so as not to interfere with potential project workspace
  2. No CRT Monitors
  3. Anything that doesn't sell has to leave with the person that brought it (Makers Local loves donations, but this many donations at once would put a strain on the organization).

Tables and Tents

There are 5 Folding tables available at Makers Local, they are first come first serve.


  • Jeff Cotten - POC
  • Non-Member Halley Martin
  • Non-Member Katie Phillips
  • Non-Member Sheila

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