Nerd Rummage Sale 8

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Basic Event Information

  • Name: Nerd Rummage Sale
  • Organizer\POC: Grace & Jeff
  • Date: Oct 1st 2022
  • Time: 9am - 5pm
  • Location: Makers Local
  • Cost to Attend: $0


  • October 1 2022, 9:00am - 5:00pm: Nerd Rummage Sale 8.0


From FB Event Page:

Here's the vendor sign up form:

External Logistics

  • Starting 2023, we will need to coordinate Special Events for blocking off the streets with the city's new website, instead of with Kitty as HSVPD directly.

Internal Makers Logistics

  • Email Needed to Announce The following:
    • No laser cutter usage day of event
    • Members will have to park down the street during the event

Tables and Tents

Current Requests


  • Grace
  • Jeff Cotten

Pre Event Tasks

In Progress

  • Artwork for event

Shop Property Liquidation

To Be Liquidated

Advertised To

Not Yet Advertised To

Lessons Learned

  • Put up fliers at Lucky Dice cafe & The Deep. Probably that coffee place in the mill as well, and Clay's workshop if he'll allow it.
  • Advertise in the Discord board game group
  • Send a picture of what the donation box looks like to the vendors (add it to the application)
    • Send reminders about suggested donation to vendors just before the event
  • If doing burgers, shoot for 60. On the slow year, we sold exactly 40. Don't worry about running out, when they're out, they're out.
  • Put the barricades up at 8:30, and let vendors know the barricades will go up at 8:30
  • Have $50 in one dollar bills for making change
  • Have the key to the soda machine on hand for the day of the event.
  • Send notice about the event to friendly groups more than a month in advance. We'll have the date locked down well before that anyway.
    • HEMA, etc.