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A website with a few tricks for easy to use bookmarks across any machine on your network





Links table

Column Type size
id integer
url varchar 1024 (too big?)
locked boolean 1

Tags table

Column Type size
tag varchar 5
id integer
hit integer

Web frontend

  • super simple
  • anonymous editing of tags and links
  • locked links can't be changed at all
  • look at the QUERY_STRING with some fun mod_rewrite rules and find watch matches that tag in the tags table
    • For example
      • key in "go/phone" to get 302'd to phone numbers wiki page
      • key in "go/time" to get to timecard page
    • if any absolute matches
      • take them
    • if any partial matches
      • display them in order of popularity
      • counter (10s?) to meta-refresh of most popular item
    • nothing in QUERY_STRING displays list of all items and all tags