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  • APRS operates at 144.390. You can do APRS on a user selected channel, but this is the standard that people transmit on.


  • If the application is not receiving APRS packets, it may be that it's not getting a good GPS signal. This combined with only seeing APRS stations within 50km can result in receiving aprsc (server) traffic, but the server not sending any APRS station traffic.

Linux Software Resources

  • Direwolf can listen to the microphone on the computer (without plugging anything into the mic jack) and show APRS traffic on the terminal screen.
    • Had to sample the mic at 5hz. "Direwolf -r 5"
  • fldigi is mostly for HF radio, so it's not ideal for APRS, which operates at 1200 baud.


Hamshack Hotline

Hamshack Hotline is a VOIP ham radio network.