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  • Using Smart Phone As a position reporter
  • Use Mesh IoT network to detect addition of specific node (No GPS Solution)
  • Use GPS device that reports position via a 3G cellular network
    • Only On when car is on via ODBII or lighter jack
      • Components
        • Voltage Regulator
        • GPS
        • Cellular Interface
        • Memory (to store Geofence Locations)
        • Processor (to calculate distance from Geofence)
      • Pseudo Code
        • On a Timer
          1. When inside of geofence, record time stamp, call function to send message on cellular network
          2. When powered off, IsReportMade flag should be reset.
          3. If time outside geofence is greater than time inside geofence, set IsReportMade flag to false.
        • Functions
          • ReportPosition()
            1. If IsReportMade flag is false, send message on cellular network, set IsReportMade flag to true.
            2. If IsReportMade flag is true, do not send message

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