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In case I want to make my own vinyl labels instead of purchasing them from MyAssetTag uses custom sizing on their free downloadable label pdf. Could get around this by finding another barcode label generating software suite and using off the shelf vinyl stickers at a cheaper price. Or... cut these on the vinyl cutter. A real pain the ass, but better than dropping $53 on the cheapest vinyl sticker option available from

Obtaining Printer File

  1. Go to
  2. Free Assset labels.
  3. Select The Logo at Top, barcode at bottom (LB-3039L-B) (0.75" x 2")
  4. Select Consecutive Number
  5. Select Advanced
  6. Numbering:
    • Makers Local Prefix is 256.
    • Omegix' Suffix for Makers Local tags is JPC or OME
    • Example Serial Numbers:
      • Makeshop Owned Item on Labels printed by Jeff: 256-0001-OME
      • Jeff Owned Item: JPC-0001-OME

There will be 4 digits between the prefix and the suffix.

Example Print Log

Would use this to make sure the same tags weren't printed twice.

Omegix's Print Log:

  • 2018.02.07: Tags 0001 Through 0050

Obtaining Vinyl Sticker

  • Order Flat 8.5 x 11 vinyl sticker sheet
  • create design for 0.75" x 2"
  • Feed sticker sheet into vinyl cutter

Printing PDF

From Website: Load your blank label or tag stationery into the paper tray, using the paper guide for precise configuration. Be sure that the top of the blank label or tag sheet is pressed flush against the printer feeding wheel or paper tray.

• Modifying your print settings is a simple process that is crucial for accurate alignment, yet often overlooked. When you click print, a print dialog box is displayed. Search for the "Page Scaling" area and select "None". Click "OK" to print to apply these setting to the current print job.


MyAssetTag Pre-cut labels: $53, pack of 50 sheets, 2500 labels.