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OpenID is a reasonably new authentication method that puts the user in control of their own identity but turning their blog or site into their identity. When you think about it your site/blog is a representation of what you are online already, why not take that concept a bit further by using it to let you login everywhere else.




  • Setup OpenID on your own site identify you. [Done]
    • Convince others to do the same.
  • Setup your site to accept OpenID login from other users.
    • Convince others to do the same


  • Infrastructure that lets me login everywhere using my site as my identity.

Current Research

  • 06:28/2007: Verisign Seatbelt, an extension for Firefox that monitors for when your logging in via OpenID and runs a series of checks and balances to ensure that you're not doing it insecurely or being phished.
    • AOL's 63 million users(includes AIM users) all have OpenIDs now.