Open Board Meeting/Meetings/2016-05

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  • Brainstormed idea for keeping cosplayers and their equipment working during summer and winter
    • Idea 1 (Selected Idea): Move Tool Area to far side wall. Enclose former tool area.
      • Next Step would be to take measurements. Jeff has added calendar reminder to progress the idea to personal calendar.
    • Alternative Idea 2: Insulate existing space's ceiling against radiant heat.
      • Feedback on this was that it would not insulate against rising heat from the downstairs
    • Alternative Idea 3: Expand FabLab area a few feet create a shared Fab\Sewing area Space
      • Feedback on this is that it would not be enough space for the cosplayers
    • Alternative Idea 4: Enclose the entire upstairs
      • Feedback on this would be that it would cost quite a big
  • Jeff will set date for the next PR/Fundraising meeting via email. (Added to PR calendar)
  • Security Camera Improvements
    • Jeff is experimenting with ZoneMinder on his personal computer.
    • If ZoneMinder proves to be an incapable solution, TNFs could be used to raise money for an off the shelf NVR system for about $350.