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There's a proposed Open House to be held September 2. This event has a different focus from the Tech Expo, it will be targeted towards potential corporate sponsors. It's held on a Thursday because events for political contributions and other charities are apparently held on weekdays. This will be a less informed audience who will not understand a lot of the technology, but they have more money and a history of giving to charities like us.


  • Thursday September 2
  • Talks start at 7pm
  • Food served at 8pm

Talking about Projects

I don't know who's available during the week or what's a good day for everyone. I'm just posting a list of stuff I think these donors would find interesting. Trevor, our consultant, recommends we show them demonstratable technology that's mostly functional. These people will give more money if we can prove that we have achieved results. By all means post if you can't make that date, if there's a better night of the week or volunteer to give a talk.

  • By request for now
    • USB door
    • HSIS Module
    • Foundry
    • QR Codes
    • Costuming / Vacuum forming
    • Could make QR code shirts too