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A primer on hackerspaces: what they are, why they're important, where they are, and how you can start one yourself. You may already have one close by. The talk will illustrate how hackers are taking back the moniker and bringing the community back into the light.


  • Intro
    • We are Makers Local 256, you may know us from winning everything last year :p ....
  • What is a hacker space
    • a way to pool resources
    • a way to pool tools
    • everyone is an expert in one thing, but not in everything
    • a way to pool skills
  • Why they're important
    • do it your self mentality
    • get together with liked mined people
    • learn new skills
    • way to implement good ideas
    • provides a nurturing environment for ideas
      • its like if meetings at work were productive.
    • consumer is becoming the producer
  • Where are the hackerspaces
    • hackerspaces.org
    • show the map
    • despite or because of the failing economy there are lots of hacker spaces.
  • How to start your own
    • non profit vs. private club
    • start out with projects, or start with a space
    • possible pit falls
      • financial, fund the space.
      • Have a good Treasurer!
      • Know your paperwork if you decide to be a 501c3
        • If 501c3 is accepted, donations will only be tax deductible retroactive 1 year, or to the date you incorporated, whichever is shorter.
      • You're going to need access to a lawyer, someone to look over paperwork.
      • Insurance
      • Growing pains, expect to move after the first year
      • Organize the best you can
      • Storage, lots of it
        • Vertical space is your friend. Use stackable bins and shelves.
      • Junk, and how to get rid of it
        • Local tech recycler
      • Access control
        • Keys
        • RFID
        • iButtons
        • USB Auth
      • Promoting your space, getting the word out.
        • NPR
  • The Big Picture
    • practical examples of change
  • Specific Trends
    • affordable computing
    • widely available persuasion tools
    • internet
    • 3D printers
    • do it your self genetic engineering
  • ask if there are other spaces in the audience