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Using a PDA as an auxiliary display for a computer/laptop[1] but taking a step further than that. By combining the guts of a wireless optical mouse or something similar to change what is being viewed on the auxiliary display in relation to movements made over a surface. The PDA would still retain it's input capabilty of the touch screen and possibly buttons but on a remote display. Ideally you would use this device to connect remotely back to your pc/laptop and use any available surface area(wall, desk, etc.). Essentially we're making a wireless optical mouse with a touch screen and remote desktop display/input capability.




  1. Obtain a Think Outside Bluetooth Stowaway Travel Mouse[2], as it is the only bluetooth mouse that works with pocket pcs. (DONE)
  2. Install tightvnc server on host pcs, or something more secure. (DONE)
  3. Use pocket vnc and bluetooth mouse to handle the project. (Attempting to find a remote client that allows for auto scrolling...)
    1. PocketVNC: no auto scrolling, you have to drag scroll bars. no encryption.
    2. PocketPC terminal services client: no auto scrolling, you have to drag scroll bars. no encryption.
    3. Pebbles: neat and has other applications just not this one.
    4. Mocha Remote Client: best out of them but I still have to hold down the left mouse button to move the screen around. Pen input works. Only does 800x600, but does have encryption.