Paypal Change Machine

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I hate being at the office and not having dollars or change for the vending machine. I live in a plastic electric world and since america hasn't caught on to cell phone vending yet, here's an idea for a paypal authenticated change machine

Operational Concept

  1. User pays an email address a small amount of money, less than $5
  2. Server is notified of payment
    1. Server generates key code
    2. Server sends key code to change machine (medium could be SMS, internet, etc)
    3. Server presents key code on a web page to user
    4. Server emails key code to user
  3. User inputs key code into Change Machine

A Change Machine verifies that code is valid

    1. Change machine checks to see if it has enough change

AA It does, Change machine dispenses change AB It Doesn't, user can call for refund or use key another day B Change Machine verifies that code is invalid

    1. Change machine displays "code invalid try again" to user