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| is a small device that takes an input of one type and outputs it to others within a similar context. Think universal adapter for things you never had one for before.


Pipe dream, no pun intended :)


  • | Video will be a small device, possibly a cube, that will take in one video signal and output it to others.
    • Possible source of power would be usb or firewire.
      • Would also provide a means of telling the device what you're looking to do.
    • Would be covered in various video ports.
      • DSP chip would handle the conversions.
  • | Audio would work roughly the same as | Video, but would likely be easier to develop initially.
  • | Mix would be a small turn table device with a touch screen and custom interactive interface.
    • Will accept both video and audio input from other | devices.
    • User will be able to mix audio and video and then output it in unique ways.