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Crashcartpro and I would like to start making short videos about projects at Makers Local that we can post to youtube and on our website. The content of the video would be short questions stated as text, with video of project members answering them. The questions are fairly generic so they can apply to any project. I’m aiming to have a balance between technical questions for other makers, while hopefully keeping it simple enough that a lay person gets something out of it.

  • What does your project do?
  • How does it work?
    • What parts do you use?
    • Were there any unorthodox parts?
  • Did you have any surprising problems or successes?
  • What did you learn working on this project?
    • Does this lead to any more projects, is there a next phase?

If you want to make a video about what you're working on, in this format or not, post it in the discussion.