Proposal/0007-Modification to membership Application

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Proposal Name

  • Call To Vote Date: March Board Meeting
  • Voting Period Shall end in 72 hours from Call to Vote date.
    • Called by: Omegix 17:46, 4 March 2009 (CST)
    • Seconded by:


Add a line to the Application that makes it clear who decides the fate of the application, and what happens if it's denied.

Add an optional field to the Application for Employer with an explanation for why we'd want to know who their employer is.


Part 1

To avoid legal mishap, Makers Local 256 cannot discriminate applicants based on obvious factors such as race, religion, income, etc. However, the Makers Local 256 board can discriminate applicants based on character. Adding the line "Applications will be voted upon by the Board of the Makers Local 256. The decision of the Board is final and may not be appealed" makes it clear to the applicant that their application is dependent on it's acceptance by the Board, and that in the event of denial there is no recourse.

Proposal is also that we record in official meeting minutes the reasons why an applicant is denied, as it serves as a record that the applicant was not denied for the wrong reasons (race, religions, income, etc).

Part 2

Now that Makers Local 256 is a 501c3 educational charity, many companies will match donations made by its employees to qualifying organizations. Proposal is to add the following line to the application:
Employer (Optional):_____________________________________________________________________
(Why do we ask? Many companies offer donation matching. The Finance Committee can use this information to find extra sources of funding for our organization.)


Corydon's insight was that this further protects the board in the event that we deny an application, as it makes clear to the applicant the procedure by which applications are accepted.