Proposal/0008-Proposal to Restrict Powertools

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Proposal to Restrict Powertool Access

  • Call To Vote Date: Holding off on this
  • Voting Period Shall end in 72 hours from Call to Vote date.
    • Called by:
    • Seconded by:


Currently power tools are available to all members, and there is no supervision to ensure that the powertools are not used by non-members or the clearly unqualified. By restricting access to the tools, we further protect our members from inadvertently harming themselves and others.

Proposal is to safeguard all motorized tools owned or lent to the organization.


Proposal is to make policy the safeguarding of all motorized tools owned or lent to the Makers Local 256. The ability to grant access to tools would be limited to board members and those appointed by the board.


There are several ways to safegaurd tools, such as in-line keyed access such as implemented on the Jacob's Ladder, or an enclosure where the tool's plug connects into a keyed unit (for lent tools that are not to be modified), or simply locking them in the shed and restricting shed access.