Public Relations / Meeting Minutes 2016.04.28

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Meeting Minutes 2016.04.28


  • Michele C.
  • Phil S.
  • Jeff C.
  • Dmity P.
  • Jake P.
  • Ben T.

Next Meeting

Next meeting date will be set at the Open Board meeting following the member meeting.


  • Collaboration project with Rocket Westies to build a dance floor
  • Make Pig Roast open for local groups to have vendor type tables. 501st, NACC, Momocon, MindGear Labs, other nerd and tech cultures
  • Are we allowed to park at the Firestation?
  • Non-building access membership tier
  • Improve number and attraction tactics of donation buckets
  • Add "Donation Best Practices" section to Event template on wiki
  • Add small padding to events that cost money like the leatherworking class to help raise funds
  • Sent an email to State District Phil Williams via Jake Polatty for proposal for Alabama state grant.
  • Create survey for members requesting ideas for 1, X-time, and X-time + Y-Time (ex: 1, 2, 5 year) long term goals
  • as a communication tool
  • Bring retro game systems to Maggie Meyers for Nerd Night
  • Vending machine snacks that could withstand room temperature of the high bay
  • Categorize Brainstorms by Level of Effort
  • Have a goal for at least 4 big events, one per season.

Action Items

  • Michele to contact Rocket Westies about what members of Rocket Westies would contribute labor to the project.
  • Jeff to contact city about logistics of blocking off streets for events. Ben T. said Chad Emerson might be a good person to contact.
  • Jeff to create a planning calendar
    • Jeff to add generic non-pig roast WLRH PSA recording for 3 months after Pig Roast. Ben T. volunteered to voice it
  • Jeff to solicit people to take shifts for the pig roast