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This page is to help keep track of current publicity efforts.

Email List

  • You can join the publicity committee \ email list (publicity at our email domain) by contacting one of the Admins.


Jeff manages a google calendar to keep track of reminders for starting conversations, tasks, or anything else that an automated reminder would help keep on track. Contact Jeff if you would like to be added as someone who can manage event links on this calendar, or feel free to ask him to add an event for you.


Currently Being Worked


  • Home Depot $5K Grant
    • Improving emergency communication network utilizing mesh and traditional topologies. Home Depot could assist by providing networking equiment.
  • Exposure opportunity helping the Diabetes walk by painting kids faces and shoes.
  • Cooking Class - Revisit after Holidays 2016
  • General NPR Advert
  • Create Chits for the Grants Effort (like business cards with our number \ designation on them)
  • AMBUCS - Assembling specialty bikes for veterans and disabled kids
  • The Children's Theatre of Madison - help with costumes and props


  • Outreach - Joint effort with RCW to create dancefloor

Current Members

  • Greg B.
  • Michele C.
  • Jeff C.
  • Norm M.
  • Sally M.
  • Scott M.
  • Dmitriy P.
  • Jake P.
  • Phil S.
  • Ben T.