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A server that retrieves and remembers RSS feeds that users request. Combined with a squid proxy for storing pages locally for faster retrieval, this could drastically improve network performance.




  • All web requests, whether they be RSS or HTTP, are made to the gateway and retrieved locally if at all possible.
  • Ability to access diff data between previous requests to check for changes.
    • Provides a historical view on developing news.
    • Prove that information is being censored.
  • Would be able to use guerilla filesystem to store entire pages locally for faster retrieval.
    • Data retrieved and stored locally isn't critical making this a viable solution.
  • Toss in a firewall and you're able to filter hostile content from the end user.
    • No more banner ads for popups.
    • No more hidden iframes to worry about.
    • You're making the surfing for the end user safer and better.


  • One user instead of many are now pulling RSS feeds from the main internet link.
  • Makes use of the extra bandwidth provided on a 100Mbit/Gigabit LAN.
  • Adds the extra dimension of time to websurfing, adding many previously unthought of benefits.
  • Ability to easily archive information from all over the net.