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Midsouth Makers has graciously offered to come down and do a RepRap Buildoff similar to the one they did at Hacker Consoritium. Tim, Nathan, Tuttle, Justin and Raymond went to the buildoff at Hacker Consortium and can speak of it firsthand for the curious.


  • Can this price below be beat?

Midsouth Makers final offer

The kit $1050:

  • High end electronics
  • Heated build platform
  • Precision aluminum print bed
  • 1.75mm filament hotend
  • Brute extruder stepper motor hotend
  • 0.35mm nozzel
  • Prusa Mendel v2 printed plastic parts
  • Precision linear movement
  • Precision timing belts
  • Aluminum z axis couplers
  • Quality stepper motors & build platform
  • Easy breakdown for transport




  • Linear row of tables
    • makes it easier for the instructors to walk up and down looking over shoulders to see how everyone is doing
  • Comfort
    • chiller + fan and one end of a car tent covering the row of tables?
  • Food
    • grilling out?
  • Live video stream
    • ustream