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The Rules of Makers Local 256

  1. Chartered Members rules and regulations
    1. What chartered members do
      1. Advisory body, responsible for organization, ultimate authority (although the Board is the official governing body)
  2. Board of Directors rules and regulations
    1. The role of the Board
      1. The Board is the supreme rule-making body of the organization, superseded only by Chartered Members
      2. How the board votes
        1. A Call for Proposal is made, then voted upon. Majority? vote wins.
    2. How board members are selected
      1. Supermajority? vote selects new board members (max 10?)
    3. How to remove a board member
      1. Simple majority removes a board member with some time alloted for defense?
    4. Board member meetings
      1. The Board shall meet 4 times a year? Monthly?
    5. The Board's power to edit the Constitution and Rules
      1. Unanimous vote may amend Constitution?
      2. Supermajority? vote may edit the Rules
  3. Membership rules and regulations
    1. How to become a member
    2. How to get a "key" (usb?)
  4. The procedure for making purchases with Organization monies
    1. Just call a proposal?

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