Safety Orange

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Almost Done
Born On:
April 2011
Last Updated:
22:51, 18 January 2012 (CDT)


This is my latest rocket project that I am building in preparation for my Level 3 certification.

Current Status

I had my first flight at the July 2011 HARA Launch. My next step is to finish my Flight Computer, reinforce the fins with fiberglass cloth, paint it, and make my TAP members happy.

Rocket Build

Starting from a kit, I assembled the rocket using the West System for my epoxy. Taking the time to make sure everything is done correctly is the most important part of building a rocket. Throughout the build stage, OpenRocket was used to verify the design, stability margins, and motor sizing. The data file is linked below, and includes the specific dimensions, weights, and flight profiles on various motors.

First Flight

The maiden flight of Safety Orange occurred on July 9. I had a perfect flight and a beautiful recovery. Of course, pictures were taken and can be found here. When I get the data cable for my altimeter, I'll post the altitude data here.

Subsequent Flights

I've flow this rocket a number of times and I am currently developing my Flight Computer. In the process, I am collecting really good data and will be posting it here, along with the motors. The data can be read as follows: column 1 - temperature (deg C), column 2 - pressure (Pascals), column 3 - time (ms).

Next Steps

Up next, I have a few more things I must do before my Level 3 certification flight.

  • Finish the basic Flight Computer
  • Reinforce the fins with additional fiberglass cloth - DONE
  • Use epoxy filler to "pretty up" the fin fillets
  • Paint the rocket