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General Duties

  • Check the mail whenever possible
    • at LEAST twice a month, more around the beginning of the month
    • box 2234
    • key held by secretary

Meeting Duties

  • Send out email reminders about meetings, a week before and day of
  • Take attendance and notes during meeting
  • Introduce new members at monthly meetings
  • Make sure to get date of next meeting
  • Make sure the door code gets changed
    • Once the new code is chosen, it must be entered for all the codes the door supports (3 codes for current door panel)
    • The door supports codes 4 or 5 (and probably other) digits in length
    • Procedure:
      1. Open inner door cover
      2. Press black button appropriate number of times (1 for 1st code, 2 for 2nd code, etc.)
      3. Enter new code on keypad
      4. Press lock button
      5. You will hear a beep confirming successful entry
  • Create new meeting page using
    {{subst:Meeting|date=month day, year}}
  • Tweak news page to include new meeting page
  • Tweak meeting calendar and bottom of list
  • Send notes out to members list after meeting and the new door code, include board election results if applicable

Board Elections

  • Edit Board Members and Section42/ContactInfo to reflect the newly elected board members
  • Ensure that officers and semi-permanent positions are selected from elected board members
  • Tweak the board calendar membership for the new board

Proposal Duties

  • Notify membership of new proposals to start the proposal process
  • Notify membership of the results of proposal voting

New Member Processing Duties

  1. Check 2 times a week or more if possible for new member applications
    • This really just means checking your email since there's no reason to check for applications if you haven't received a picture
  2. Upon finding applications
  3. Wait 3 days
  4. Secretary informs board members that voting has started, monitors 5 day voting period
  5. On vote end:
    1. Vote Passed
      • Secretary informs members of result via Vote End Announcement Template
      • Secretary informs sysadmin of result by sending all spreadsheet info for that member to
        • New member email is sent by sysadmin after receiving new member info
      • Pending member application gets moved into the rings of the membership binder
    2. Vote Failed
      • Secretary informs applicant of failed votes.
        • This should tell them in general terms why people chose to vote no.
        • It should not be an enumeration of individual opinions attributed to board members.
      • Pending member application gets moved into the former/failed members binder

Member Outprocessing Duties

  1. Remove members from the spreadsheet when they are removed from the donation system.

Formal Complaint Duties

  1. Notify the target of the complaint of the complaint's nature.
  2. Request commentary from both parties as necessary to clarify the incident.
  3. Collect the votes of actionability and notify both parties by email when the vote is over.

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