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General Duties

  • Check the mail whenever possible
    • at LEAST once a week more around the beginning of the month
    • box 2234
    • key held by secretary

Meeting Duties

  • Send out email reminders about meetings, a week before and day of
  • Take attendance and notes during meeting
  • Introduce new members at monthly meetings
  • Make sure to get date of next meeting
  • Make sure the door code gets changed
  • Create new meeting page using "subst:Meeting|date=month day, year"
  • Tweak news page to include new meeting page
  • Tweak meeting calendar and bottom of list
  • Send notes out to members list after meeting and the new door code
  • Weed out deactivated members from the active members binder

Board Elections

  • Edit the Board Members page to reflect the newly elected board members
  • Ensure that officers and semi-permanent positions are selected from elected board members

Proposal Duties

  • Notify membership of new proposals to start the proposal process
  • Notify membership of the results of proposal voting

New Member Processing Duties

  1. Check 2 times a week or more if possible for new member applications
  2. Upon finding applications
  3. Wait 3 days
  4. Secretary informs board members that voting has started, monitors 5 day voting period
  5. On vote end:
    1. Vote Passed: Secretary informs members and sysadmin of result via Vote End Announcement Template
      • Sysadmin informs new members of LDAP information and sends them the new member email.
    2. Vote Failed: Secretary informs applicant of failed votes.
      • This should tell them in general terms why people chose to vote no.
      • It should not be an enumeration of individual opinions attributed to board members.

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