Smelting Furnace

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Melting aluminum and burning the unwary
Born On:
21:35, 5 July 2012 (CDT)
Last Updated:
13:12, 31 July 2017 (CDT)


This is where I'm hanging pics and info related to the furnace. We fixed the pressure issues - it turns out that my 30psi regulator is probably lying.

NEXT UP: Waste Oil Burner!

Sand screens for filtering the sand? I need to check with Greg...


  1. Home Forging
  2. I started with Lionel's Furnace Kit
  3. I used ULTRA EXPRESS 70 from Empire Refractory in Birmingham.
  4. I am using this 60psi regulator


Furnace with flash
Furnces w/out flash
The whole setup
Melting copper (see note about copper)


See this for the design files.

Sandcasting a 3dprinted part
sand base mold
top mold with sprue hole and vent hole
poured cast, cooling
after a quick soak in the water bath
same part, from the top, so the 3dprint layers are showing
cleaned up with a sawzall and a wire wheel

Notes on Furnace Operation

  • When you are done
    • Put the crucible back in the furnace so that it will cool off with the furnace
    • Put the plug over the hop vent hole so that the furnace will cool slowly
    • Pull the burner out of the furnace and dunk it in water to cool it off
    • Its "safe" to move a hot furnace, but be careful
  • On Copper
    • Copper needs about 20 psi and a hairdryer blowing air into the burner.
      • If the hairdryer blows out the fire, the furnace isn't hot enough yet - let it heat up at 15 psi
    • The target color of the iron crucible is Yellow
    • Copper cools off much faster in the ingot mold than Aluminium


  • August 19 2017, 11:00am - 11:59pm: Melting Day #3!