So you want to be on Hackaday

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So you want to be on hack a day (this is a work in progress and is currently in a rough draft form)

So you want to be on A DIY blog do ya? First you have to ask yourself a few questions about your project

Does your project stand out from the crowd? Is it original, new tech, or a popular trend? Would I go "Why didn't I think of that?" Is it happening right now at a con or a con badge hack? Is it part of a community contest or event? Is it nostalgic? Does it use tubes, Ardunio, or is it Steampunk? Is it truly a quality hack? Does it embody mad science? Have you just remade the wheel; better, more fun, sexy?



money shot: an image that really sells the idea of the project it doesnt have to work the picture just has to make me believe it worksnot only as a concept but someting i can imagine using/building myself.

Write to many publications, hack a day, makezine, hacked gadgets, slashdot blog, facebook, twitter, g+,