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Teledyne Brown Engineering has a picnic every year, and they need cheap labor to help man the concessions and buffet line. We need 8 people to show up in matching t-shirts or polos from 11am to 5pm June 13th. Makers Local 256 will get $50~$75 for each person helping. Lunch is included for all those who work.


We've got the job at 8 people. Please contact MrWorld if you need a t-shirt with the new logo.


  1. brimstone
  2. gregabyte
  3. JimShoe
  4. CrashCart
  5. Ratmandu
  6. srsly_sara
  7. omegix
  8. opticron

Had to Back out

  1. PreauxPhoto (Tentative due to family illness)
  2. mrworld

Since we need uniform shirts, could everyone please send an email to misterworld@gmail.com with your size and a vote for your ideal shirt color. I'll see what's available, but we're all probably going to wear the same color shirts in the end. So cast your vote while you can. And when I hand you your shirt please have $5 ready