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An application that renders particles of sand that interact with the tablet stylus. Essentially just a neat desktop toy for specific use with touch screen technology, but not limited to it.


Pipe dream


  • Needs to have two modes.
    • Cursor interactive mode.
      • This keeps people who aren't blessed with a tablet happy.
    • Touch interactive mode.
      • No stylus so as to not take away from the atmosphere of actually playing with sand.
  • Should be full screen.
    • No window border or buttons to distract the user from just having fun and relaxing.

Possible Uses

  • Japanese rock garden to help relax you on stressful days.
  • A unique way of taking notes.

Possible Features

  • Networking to allow multiple users to play in the same sand box/rock garden.
  • Multiple partical types each with unique real world properties.


  • Found an application called pocketSand for my pda that's a port of the falling sand applet found on the web. The original project page for pocketSand can be found here.
    • Only reason why this was important was because it let me play with particles using a touchscreen.