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  • Grill out at the end point.
  • One person decides where the end point is. Grabs the grill and heads there.
  • Clues are giving to participants as to where the end point is.
  • Along the way, waypoints must be hit, and teams must bring back certain foods. These are the clues that point you in the right direction, but don't tell you where your going to end up.
    • Team 1 gets clue. "Head east, get a 2 liter from a gas station on a hwy that has a 7 in it."
      • Stop at a gas station on HWY 72
    • Team 2 gets clue. "Head east, get hot dog buns at a grocery story, but stay on a hwy with a 7 in it."
      • Stop at a grocery story on HWY 72
  • When the race is over, we should have everything to have BBQ with.
  • Winner is the first to arrive with all items and receipts indicating time stamps.
  • Winner gets to eat first. Looser gets to clean up. Cheats don't get to eat.