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Submit Your Own Ideas

If you have your own idea for a shirt, I'd love to see it. These ideas are best submitted to me via email, at, otherwise I will probably forget it. I would prefer not to print things you saw somewhere else on the internet for reasons of me not wanting to be a ripoff artist. I would allow paraphrasing, or to use your favorite internet meme (Example: All Hail Raptor Jesus and whatnot). I may not like your idea because humor and taste are highly subjective, but if you are willing to pay me to make it I will certainly do so because a commercial whore with artistic standards is still a whore.

Ideas in progress

I already have several ideas worth adorning your flesh with. I will try to upload images shortly, but until then examples of the ideas can almost always be found at My Deviant Art

  • TV Boy
    • Variant shirt with dial nipples on front, TV Boy on back?
  • Redneck Zombies
  • Dr. Morbo Initiates Love Sequence
  • Attack of the Venison


  • Canadians are the new Black
  • Inspired by Other Sources
    • Companion Cube
    • Dr. Sleepless Grinder Logo