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Note: This is for archival purposes only. Information about locations and times are outdated.


We're doing an Tech Expo Saturday August 14. This one will be a little different because we'll be doing project presentations to inform visitors about the shop as the day goes. Just like always, we'll clean the shop before hand and serve food. Another change is that we'd like to have gifts to give people in exchange for their donation. If you want to help clean, show people around the shop, or give a talk about your project then please volunteer below.


Saturday August 14 Food served at 5PM

  • Preaux
  • Dickie

Talks start at (?)

Talking about Projects


  • Matt R - QR Codes
  • Brian - Silk Screening QR Codes
  • Greg - Home Foundry
  • Ethan - HSIS
  • Any toys like the starch-speaker
  • Your talk here

Brian needs to beg the following to please talk

  • Phil about 3D Printer
  • Wayne about vacuum forming/costumes
  • Would someone like to give a general introduction explaining the shop, like a keynote?

Donation Gifts

This is a new idea we'd like to try- rewarding people who give money to the shop by offering small gifts. Sort of like an NPR donation drive, where if you give $75 you get a tote bag. If there's something you make at the shop that you can offer, please volunteer.

  • Brian - QR Code Tshirts
  • Greg - Shot glasses
  • Something engraved?
    • Name tags?
    • Dog Tags?

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