Technology Capabilities

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Here's all the various technologies and projects we can do here at the Makers Local 256 shop!

Prop Design

  • Wayne's Stuff
  • David's Stuff
  • Josh's Stuff

USB Auth demo

  • Front door lock

The shop itself

  • 4000 sq ft of awesome!


  • Telerobotic checkers
  • Battle bots (future project)

Laser cut sonobe modules

  • laser origami

Laser cutter

  • acrylic raspberry pi boxes
  • props and decorations
  • logos and giveaways

Coal Forge

  • Flasks
  • Ingots
  • Aluminum stamper tool

Vacuum former

  • mould and plastic example
  • maybe a finished molded object

Circuit board design

  • Tim's STE:AK dice kit
  • Pictures showing all the steps and design process

Circuit board etching

  • milled
  • chemical
  • examples

High Voltage

  • Jacob's ladder

Low cost computing

  • Raspberry Pi with laser cut case
  • mention the cost and specs

DIY space

  • Balloon project pics and explanation of how it worked
  • Dmitiry's rocket SAFTEY ORANGE

Open Hardware

  • Makerbot
  • Show the design files and bill of materials (motors, boards, etc.)
  • Tim's board design stuff
  • Raspberry Pi

3D Printing

  • Makerbot
  • SeeMeCNC
  • Example Objects and materials
  • explain materials